Ford Service Available Near Charlevoix

Routine maintenance, like tune-ups, fluid checks, and oil changes, can significantly advance your automobile's performance capabilities and reliability. By getting the proper services your vehicle needs, you can prevent constant breakdowns and maintain the value of your vehicle for a future trade-in or sale.

To get these done most suitably, you should rely on your dealership for assistance. You can count on us whether you drive an F-150, Expedition, Ranger, Mustang, or any other Ford automobile Bellaire.

Common Services

The services you get for your vehicle should align with the plan outlined by the manufacturer. Our knowledgeable team keeps you on track if you are still determining how and when these should get completed. An oil change is a typical service crucial for prolonging the life of your vehicle and preventing the engine from failing.

Along with these services, you will need regular rotations and changes to maintain sufficient tread and maximum traction with your tires. These are necessary for stopping, accelerating, and handling turns. Your vehicle will also need filter replacements to prevent dirt and debris from the environment from getting into your engine.

We also handle collision repairs and more in-depth services, such as repairs for your transmission, engine, and other internal parts while you are at our service center near East Jordan.

Why Get Service at Our Dealership?

Our dealership is proud of the well-trained staff at our facility near Boyne City. These experts understand how to address every part of your vehicle and will get the work done with a positive, helpful attitude. They will gladly address your questions and concerns and guide how you should monitor the health of your vehicle.

Ford Service Specials

While online, please check the specials Matt LaFontaine Ford offers for the Ford services you need. You can also use our online scheduling tool to schedule assistance with our courteous team near Kewadin.